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※1 It depends on sunburn.

Capital beauty Japan dermatology

Study introduction

Mainly, choice of the material, consideration of stabilization method and the most suitable dosage forms are being studied.

Functionality material study
 An activated test by in vitro is being performed widely from a chemical composition to a natural compound and the functionality the material has is being estimated. It's done for being not particular about the new material and the known material and estimating the height of the functionality.

Quality study
 There are also many unstable compounds by the activated high material including the hydroquinone. Preservation method and the development of dosage forms to make those compounds become stable are being studied.

Cosmetics application study
 Safety to a surface and the interior of the body is considered from a side effect face and an adjustment of the mixture amount to the cosmetics and the ingredient with which I get along well are being searched.

Skin permeation testing of an amphipathic property (A-PVC design) essence and melanin restraint test

  • 表皮モデルの構造

  • The structure of the cell model kit

    A scarfskin cell used the cell model kit taken out from an actual man.
    It's "physiological saline" and "amphipathic property essence" in the man cell epidermis model kit I did cell cultivation of.
    Addition compared its state for 8 days respectively.

  • ヒト細胞表皮最初の状態

  • The state at the beginning of the man cell epidermis model I did cell cultivation of.

  • 生理食塩水 ヒト細胞表皮最初の状態
    A) the thing MERANOSAITO generates could confirm that I looked at a cell on 8th with physiological saline with a cell microscope. (It'll be the dimension of the stain.)
  • A-PVC ヒト細胞表皮8日目の状態
    B) if it's in the state of 8th day using A - PVC design solution, occurrence of MERANOSAITO isn't judged by the same condition.

  • Additionally the data restrained more than 70 % compared with a control group could also be confirmed about the production rate of the melanin.
    The thing by which ascorbic acid permeated a culture medium in a test using this scarfskin model can be confirmed.
    It seems also to permeate to the corium bed by a living body from the thing.