They're good-looking and more youthful than now.
The lady who suffers from skin trouble all Japan is supported, and it's in a smiling face.


  • plus nano HQ
    Hydroquinone combination and beauty care creampluskirei HQ

    \3,000(excluding tax)

    A hydroquinone (※ 1) is combined 4 %. I work on a point of worries of the skin which can have been done intensively. To the bare skin it isn't necessary to hide under condition Sea Ra.

  • プラスピュアVC25
    Pure vitamin C (※ 2) essencePLUS PURE VC25

    \8,000(excluding tax)

    In the surface where the age was repeated and a future surface. The ikuhada essence which developed delicate vitamin C by original new design A-PVC and was born. The smooth-textured skin.

  • プラスソープHQ
    Hydroquinone soapPLUS SOAP HQ

    \4,000(excluding tax)

    In with ZARA, pores and pimple prevention. A thick bubble like cream including the beauty ingredient selected carefully adheres to skin worries and leads to the soft skin with the complete texture.

  • プラスプロテクトUV
    Sunblock[SPF50+]PLUS PROTECT UV

    \3,700(excluding tax)

    It's difficult for white to forget by the waterproof type which isn't sticky, and it completes smoothly. Though beauty ingredients are also combination and defence much, it's in beautiful skin.

  • プラススムースアイVC
    Eye cream with massageballPLUS SMOOTH EYE VC

    \3,000(excluding tax)

    In worries with an eye. 3, chubbiness, while massaging by a ball, care of eyes. Hari is given and it's led to eyes of a tender impression plumply.

  • ※ 1:Skin conditioning component ※ 2: L-ascorbic acid (Skin conditioning component) ※3:6 drops of The mixture amount per


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